AlleyWatch is the largest audience focused on NYC Tech and there is no better way to inform the NYC Tech community of new hires, board appointments, and promotions. Your submission to the NYC Tech Hired column is guaranteed to be published on our site in an article and promoted through our daily email and social channels. AlleyWatch provides our global audience of thought leaders, influencers, consumers, and millenials with critical insight on business, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship in New York. These business leaders comprise C-Suite, Management, Investors, Board Members, Marketing, Information Technology, Sales, Consulting, Finance, and Engineering Departments of the world's most innovative organizations and startups.


The cost is $250 per individual listing. The NYC Tech Hired column will publish biweekly on the first and the fifteenth of the month or on the first business day after these dates in the event those dates fall over the weekend. The entire $250, minus the cost of transaction processed through Stripe, will be used to acquire paid social audience to promote the published piece via various social channels. This is not a profit-generating endeavor for AlleyWatch.


If you are ready to submit, please fill out the form below. Your submission will be published in the next scheduled column for NYC Tech Hired. At the time of publication, the company and individual will be tagged on Twitter via the AlleyWatch Twitter account (@alleywatch) and the submitter will receive notification via email. The article will appear in the AlleyWatch Daily Newsletter the day following publishing and you can sign up for that email by clicking HERE.
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